waste to wonder park


Waste to wonder park is the latest addition to Delhi’s list list of attractions, waste to wonder park is having the copy of seven wonders of the world, created from industrial & other waste. It is made by 150 tonnes of waste products which includes scrap iron, thrown away automobiles parts, broken metal utensils & pipes. Idea of waste to wonder park was triggered from kota’s seven wonders park.


1. Statue of liberty:-

Wonder park starts with the statue of liberty which is 35 feet tall, or you can say statue of liberty, USA has been recreated with old bicycle parts, metal sheets & chains.

2. Christ the Redeemer:-

With the help of old automobile engines & square pipes as well as electric poles, the copy of christ the Redeemer has been made.

3. Eiffel tower:-

The eiffel tower has been made out of 40 tonnes of vehicle parts to reach the height of 70 feet.

4. Taj mahal:-

The most famous monument of India, the taj mahal has been designed to its perfection with the help of broken benches, swings & pipes.

5. Colosseum from ancient Rome:-

It has been designed out of broken electric poles, metal railings & other waste.

6. The leaning tower of Pisa:-

It has been created superbly with cycle rims, metallic sheets & old iron pipes.

7. Pyramid of Giza:-

The magnificient egyptian wonder, the pyramid of Giza has been recreated with 10 to 12 tonnes of scrap angles.


Waste to wonder park is located in Rajiv Gandhi Smriti Van, near sarai kale khan

From bus- reach to sarai kale khan bus stand & then walking distance to waste to wonder.

From metro- reach to Nizzamuddin metro station on pink line & then walking distance to the park.


Timings for waste to wonder-

Tuesday to saturday= 11am to 11pm

Sunday= 7am to 11pm

Monday remains closed.

Evening is the best time to enter the park as the weather is cool & entire park is lighted & looks double attractive.


Entry fee for adults- INR 50

Children between 3-12 years- INR 25

Senior citizens & school children- no entry fee.

A visit to waste to wonder park is must to understand that something created from waste materials can look so real & beautiful. I would like to suggest you all to visit once to see the beauty of the park.

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