‘Varanasi’ the city of light: Explore like a local

The vibrant and spiritual varanasi and as one of the oldest holy place in the world is literally a delight to visit. Superfluity of unique experience, and also inculcate a sense of calm with its essence. Every year millions of traveller’s visit here. The best way to experience the spirit or essence of my city ‘Varanasi’ is through the eyes of the locals. The steps of all the 84 ghats in the city lead to river Ganga, which is the most holiest rivers in India.

Firstly the Grand Ganga Aarti :

One of a kind experience is watching the evening Ganga aarti. Lining the city, it happens at most of the ghats but the one’s at ‘Dashashwamedh ghat’ & ‘Assi ghat’ is the most amazing. The mantras and prayers of the priest which is accompanied by the enthusiastic public gives the feeling of peace and spiritualism. And the large brass lamps are just lit which increases the beauty of the evening.

Saunter around the ghats:

The ghats are divided accordingly for bathing and praying. Some ghats are also used as incineration sites. The most famous ghats to visit are Assi ghat, Dashashwamedh ghat, Munsi ghat, Manikarnika ghat and Raj ghat.

Old cluster of temples:

The city is well know for its old aged temples. The trip is incomplete without visiting the famous temples of Varanasi. Mark with temples of all size i. e smaller ones are used by the locals for daily prayers and the big ones has its own history and are related to some mythology. The famous temples of the city are the ‘Vishwanath temple’, which has the jyotrilinga of Lord Shiva and the other one is ‘The Durga temple’ famous for its architecture.

Markets for street shopping :

Widely popular for its Silk sarees and artificial jewellery. Shopping in Varanasi is must and for that one has to visit it local markets for buying the beautiful fine silk shawl & saree, artificial bangles and local market is also famous for its different varieties of pickles and papad. The main area of street markets are Vishwanath lane, chowk and gowdollia.

Banares Hindu University (Bhu) :

The largest residential university in Asia i.e ‘BHU’. A beautiful campus which is spread over 1300 acres of land. It has 6 institutes, 14 faculties and more than 132 departments. A great place to visit with the view of periodical era buildings hidden behind evergreen trees and many places to hangout. It also has one of the most famous temple of the city that is ‘Shree Vishwanath temple or Birla temple’ which has the tallest temple tower in the world.

At last, the most important is a dip in the river Ganga because it is believed that taking a dip in the holy water results in purification of one’s soul and deliverance from religious offense. One should surely visit to this holy city or can say my city for the lifetime experience of spiritualism and peace.

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