unexpored kumaon (part 3)

Yes!! It’s still not over, I’am back again with the blog on Kumoan hills but I surely do promise I’ll try to wrap the beauty up in this blog🙈

So, let me give you guys a final ride to scenic beauty and tell you about few more awesome places to visit.

1, Mukteshwar :

A tour to Kumaon would be incomplete without a visit to beautiful hill station Mukteshwar You will be amazed by the scenic and magnificent mountain peaks like Nanda Devi & Trisulas. The beauty and peaceful atmosphere make Mukteshwar the ideal choice for a weekend.
Places to visit: Mukteshwar Temple, Bhalu Gaad Waterfalls, Mukteshwar Dam.

2. Almora :

It’s a breathtaking, alluring hill station is perfect for a peaceful holiday. You can visit to some famous places like Zero Point, Jageshwar, Deer Park, Bright End Corner, Sunset point.
So add Almora in your list of places to visit in Kumaon.

3. Pithoragarh :

Soo, this is were I belong (place of origin) is among the unknown places in Kumaon, also called mini Kashmir of India & a worth visit in summers. Places you can visit are Chandak, Dhwaj Temple, Kapilaswar Cave, Pithoragarh Fort, Purana Bazaar, Askot Sanctuary.
It’s perfect if you feel like going out for a walk in some scenic trails.

4. Munsiyari :

Recently Munsiyari has come up as an popular base camp for hikers going to Ramalm, Namik, and Milam glaciers. it has pristine and untouched beauty and is surrounding by landscapes enveloped in snow covered mountains.
Places like Birthi Falls, Maheshwari Kund, Panchachuli Peak, Kalamuni Top, Thamari Kund are some of the must visit places.

Kausani :

Mahatma Gandhi named Kausani as Switzerland of India and it’s literally a hidden paradise located in middle of magnificent Himalayas. If you are passionate about photography, then make sure you visit this delightful hill station.
Places to see here are Rudradhari Falls and Caves, Baijnath Temple, Kasauni Tea Estate, Someshwar, Sumitranandan Pant Museum, Stargate Observatory

Soo, finally I end this Kumaon diaries. Hope you like it and will definitely give these places a visit.

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