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Lake District‘ in Kumaon

Did you know Nainital is just one of the many lakes in Kumaon Valley? 

Well, It’s evident everyone knows Kumaon from best shining diamond of Himalayan belt ‘NANITAL

So here I start introducing you to all the lakes of Kumaon, Uttrakhand :

  • Nanital :
    Nanital is a Eye shaped lake which has a mythology behind it.
    It is believed that the Naini Tal is one of the 51 Sakti Peeths it is based on the story of the death of Devi Sati, with grief in his heart and sorrow, Shivji carried Sati’s body, and roamed around the universe with it. The spot where Sati’s eyes (Nain) fell, came to be called Nain-tal.
  • Bhimtal :
    The Bhimtal is named after Bhim – the second Pandav from Mahabharata. It is believed that Pandavs came here during their Vanvaas. This lake is older than Nainital the more popular of all the Tals of Kumaon.
  • Naukuchiatal :
    The Naukuchiatal is small nine cornered Tal situated about 4 km from Bhimtal.There is a small lotus pond next to Naukuchiatal which futhur adds to the beauty. Accordingly to mythology
    Naukuchiatal is associated with Lord Brahma.
  • Sattal :
    It’s also called 7 sister Tals.
  1. Hanuman Tal
  2. Ram Tal
  3. Sita Tal
  4. Lakshman Tal
  5. Bharat Tal
  6. Garuda Tak
  7. Nal Damyanti Tak

It is evident that during their vanvaas Ram, Lakshman & Sita came here and lived close to these Tals which gave them these names.
These are all freshwater lakes and are all interconnected to each other.

These Tals have everything to pacify the nerves of travellers.
The majestic view of pine trees, green forest and view of Himalayas
Along with soothing view of these lakes will surely make your trip memorable.

A Walk around all these lakes will simply be a nature’s therapy for nature lovers. Nothing can be better than meditating in such peace.

Hope I justified it!!

Stay tuned for find more about KUMAON.

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