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Road Trip To GOA!

Goa is said to be a place where best of friends and worst of enemies meet, and during school days Goa is always a dream of every child which is supposed to be accomplished in college. I was also one of the same boy who very desperately wanted to visit Goa but could not do so as you know there are always some people in the group who cancel the plans at the last moment. But finally the day has arrived when I was finally going to visit Goa and that too with my friends, seriously a dream come true.

Trip to anywhere with your friends is special but when it comes to Goa it is just amazing. And it gets more adventurous when you plan for a road trip to Goa.


Yes!! We did it. We finally planned to visit Goa by road it was like all the dreams are coming true on a single day.

So we planned to travel approx. 2000 kms to Goa. We were nine so we planned to divide ourselves in two cars and move. We started our journey at night around 11 so that we don’t face much traffic and can drive smoothly likewise also we always prefer to travel at night as there is comparatively less traffic on road at night. We reached Udaipur around 7 in the morning and we were very much tired by that time so we decided to take a halt there and have some rest and also planned to take a small tour of Udaipur as it is known as the city of lakes. We checked into our Hotels by 11 and took rest and in the evening we roamed around the city of lakes. It was really very beautiful city carrying all the history of Rajasthan in a very organised manner. The Hotels were really beautiful and the City Palace was just marvellous.

Next morning we started heading for our main destination and we made a target to reach Goa by midnight. Roads were awesome and everything was going like movies like in childhood we “Dil Chahta hai” created an awesome experience and made a different picture of Goa in our mind. We were moving and as we were getting closer we were getting more enthusiastic and curious.


By the evening we reached Mumbai and stopped there for a while and had some snacks and we were still not tired so we decided to keep going and we kept on moving and after some time we reached Pune and had our dinner. We now started changing our drivers very frequently as everyone was tired but we had to reach Goa anyhow.

Finally the time came when we reached Goaaaaaa…!! We directly went to the Baga beach before taking any hotels or anything we were like beach beach beach and only beach. Goa also welcomed us with rain and it was very satisfying to sit on the beach especially when you have travelled 2000 kms just to see that and enjoy that view. After sitting there for around 2-3 hours we noticed that it’s been 8 in the morning and we haven’t slept from past 24 hours so we decided to book a hotel and take some rest. Then we booked a villa nearby Baga Beach.


Villa was very awesome equipped with all the amenities we checked into the villa and had an awesome time at the swimming pool and then went to sleep. We woke up at 5 in the evening and had some snacks and again went to the beach for some time after that we again came back to our villa and had our dinner and was having a nice gala time played some cards and cherished our good old days.

Next day we woke up and had a bucket full of plans and started executing them one by one. And like this only the day ended so soon and we were like “we want 48 hours in one day now”. And like this only with the same energy our day ended.

Now the next day came and it was our last day in the Goa and the only thing we kept for today was Casino. We all were very much excited for that as we had dreams and we all somehow wanted to be the Emran Hashmi of Jannat and had the dreams of winning unlimited cash and fulfilling all our dreams and we the way to casino was full of dreams and we were very much excited to play. We purchased our tickets and coins and started playing and soon a situation we faced was expectation vs reality and ground reality was entirely different and within a fraction of seconds we lost all our money was lost and all this happened much before we understood that what is going there. But as we lost we started leaving our tables and going to our dinner. It was midnight and we all were done with playing and we finally left the cruse and left for our villa and went to sleep.

Next day we woke up had our breakfast and left for Goa. It was really very saddening day for us as we really not wanted to go to our Home and live the same boring life but somehow we reached our home by next morning. Homes are really the best things but I must say this was one of the best experience of my life till now and I must say memories of Goa will always be in my mind and I always get nostalgic when I see my old Goa pictures and always say the same thing that I want t live that life again.  

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