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Travel to the city of skyscrappers – Dubai
If you are planning a Dubai trip for the very first time then you must have stumbled across enormous amount of information available all over the internet about do’s and dont’s that you need to remember while visiting the emirates. Now you must be confused about which blog you should follow and which not because trust me i have been there. While i was planning my trip last year i googled a lot. I had a lot of questions in my head and wanted to be fully prepared beforehand but lets face it , it is frustrating to go through a number of travel guides and reviews.
So in this post you fill find long list of tips that will cover almost everything you need to know and will also help you to build your itinerary. Hop in !!


Since Indian passports dont have visa on arrival facility while travelling to UAE so you have to get a visa depending on your duration of visit. Visa charges range from 2k to 5k . Also for majority of the airlines’, Indians do have to obtain Ok to board (OTB)along with your visa . You can get more details on the following link.


Dubai is hot and humid round the year but it is best to visit during winter season from october to february because temperature at that time is soothing. However it is the peak season so everything from flight tickets to hotel rent will become expensive as shit . If you are on a budget then you should visit there in summers preferably before october because it will be really feasible then.


Finding a taxi in Dubai or even Abu Dhabi is way too easy so you wont have any trouble in that area. Also if you are planning to stay there for a week or more and you dont want to spend too much on taxi fairs then you should travel by metro . Its far too cheap and convinient.


Clothing is not a problem you can wear whatever you like but it should be decent because its an Arab country so you have to follow a certain code of conduct. My advice for you is to carry light colored and breathable garments and comfortable clothes but dont let anyone stop you from going all glam .


Dubai has so much to offer. You cant see everything in a week . Things that you must visit are dubai safari , miracle garden , jumeirah beach , dubai ski and aquarium and offcourse the Burj Khalifa. There are theme parks in Abu Dhabi- Ferrari world and Warner bros. Its a 2 hour drive from Dubai so you can go there by a bus or can even take a tour package of Abu Dhabi. Everything depends on your budget . There are huge number of options available.

I guess that’s it . I hope it has been helpful .It is a beautiful and modern, clean, easy to get around city.The history is interesting, the food was delicious.

Hope you Enjoy being there.

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