Badrinath blog part 1

Everyone is well known to Delhi’s condition in summers. To avoid that we planned a trip to one of the most beautiful Hindu temple, Badrinath Dham. It was a 5 day trip begginning from 4 june , wednesday till 8 june, saturday.

Alaknanda river which flows from in between Badrinath

We started around 7 in the morning on 4 june to avoid congestion at Delhi-UP border ,after which we made our first stop around 11 ‘o’ clock at Cheetal Grand , Khatauli (UP),which is a popular stop for those travelling to Haridwar or any other place .We crossed Haridwar around 3. crossing Haridwar was also not easy as there was very slow moving traffic due to peak season and high time but the roads till Haridwar are well maintained.

Cheetal Grand,Khatauli (UP)

After crossing haridwar we started facing traffic jams which delayed us more and more as there were short jams and at points the roads were so narrow that the poilce had to stop vehicles coming from one side to let people coming from other side go, this created a lot of problem to us travellers.

We drove non stop till Srinagar which is almost 140 kms from haridwar . we had our dinner around 7:30 PM at GMVN guesthouse, Srinagar, Uttarakhand. After having our dinner we quickly headed towards Karnprayag where our reservations were made for that night. After struggling from bad traffic and roads we finally reached Karnprayag around 10:30 PM.

Next day morning i.e 5 June, we started around 7 in the morning and made our first stop at Pipalkoti, which is almost 50 kms from karnprayag. At Pipalkoti we had our breakfast in a restraunt namely, Indralok. Indralok is also a popular stop for travellers.

A Kilometre away from reaching Badrinath we got this amazing view.

After pipalkoti we stopped at Hanuman chhati ,a small temple 6 kms before Badrinath. After having darshan there, we headed towards our final destination.After Hanuman chhati it took us only 15 minutes to reach Badrinath.

The main temple of Badrinath Dham

Our route throughout was very beautiful, the hills started appearing after we crossed Haridwar. The roads were very in good condition except for some areas which were under constuction or the areas which were prone to landslides.Those who do not have any experience of driving in hills might face a bit of problems if they plan to drive, as the roads are very narrow as compared to cities.

Snow in between two mountains near Badrinath

At some areas there you might feel stuck but the natural view is worth waiting a while. The roads are well maintained in relation to the place and natural factors affecting any sort of constuction there.

I will be back with Badrinath Blog part-2 very very soon!


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