Will Google pixel 4 launch in India??😱

If you were keeping watch on Google’s New Pixel for a long time then this news will be heart-breaking for you, the Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL will not be up for sale in India, it is a true bummer for everyone as the new device has very balanced spec sheet and some really innovative technology.

So what is holding them back from launching the device? Only one thing, that also happens to be the biggest highlight of the device, yes the motion sensor and cognition also known as the Soli Radar, which uses short range waves having frequency of 60 GHz to determine when the user is in proximity of the phone.

Google failed to get permission for active use of 60 GHz frequency, because as of now that spectrum is not open for commercial use in India as well as Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico. It puts me into confusion on what plans do Google have for Indian market, because all the countries mentioned above will get Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL only difference being the motion sense will not work.

If you really want to get hands on the device only option is to buy and ship it here, Do not worry you won’t get trouble due to 60 GHz frequency, as said by Google they have also developed this device as such it will automatically disable the Soli radar based on the Geo-location.

All we can do is hope that we will get to see the upcoming Google Pixel device being launched in India. That is all news for now, we will keep you updated on the developments, want to know what other features Google Pixel 4 holds? head to our other blog now to get all of it.

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