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Just a few days ago we got a look on Google’s Pixel 4, following the footsteps of its predecessor this year’s Pixel also got new innovations in both hardware and software but still it doesn’t stand out as to the success of Pixel 3, so let us see in what areas did Pixel 4 fell flat in comparison to Pixel 3.

If you guys remember Pixel 3 was crowned as the best camera phone for taking stills and on the front we had 8 MP + 8 MP Ultra-wide front camera setup, with a considerable 2915mAh battery, overall it stood out as a complete package that people wanted to get their hands on and they still do over the latest Pixel.

Google definitely had some overview on the usage statistics but still that didn’t save them, here are things that were part of Pixel 3 but went completely missing on Pixel 4.

  • Stereo Speaker – this is very useful if you are watching a movie, video or just playing of music. This not only just increases the quality of audio but also improves the sound distribution.
  • Utra-wide Front Camera – this is not the most used feature normally but comes real handy when you are out with huge crowd, having this ensures you are not cutting corners in photos quite literally
  • Battery – While others are trying to increase the battery capacity of their phones Google just took a step back and went to offer 2800mAh battery, which is the lowest number you can find in any Flagship device.
  • Fingerprint Sensor – You may call me old school in this, but as of now the technology Google is using for Pixel 4 face unlock is not the most secure, people who are testing the device had the phone unlocked even when their eyes were shut which is not a good sign, I hope this will be fixed in the next update.
  • Unlimited Photo Storage – It is disappointing when you are paying extra bucks than last year and still you can’t save all of your photos in high resolution, while the USP of Google’s Pixel Series is the camera, much irony.

Even though the Pixel 4 features the same camera sensor still it fails to be as stellar, they feature a telephoto lens which does well, but lack of a wide angle sensor puts them a few steps below others, Speaking of the camera, current software is capable of producing better colours but fails in depth and saturation, thus producing over-exposed whites. In video recording it holds up pretty well but have bit trouble in auto-focus, which is just a software thing so will be solved pretty quickly.

Second big concern that I have is of battery, you get an upgraded AMOLED display with 90Hz refresh rate, an infrared sensor for face unlock and also Project SOLI the radar which helps the device know when you are near it, while Google had said the 90Hz thing will only work when you are looking at the screen so batter y will be saved, but think about it how the device will know when you are looking? Probably by firing up IR sensor, Camera and maybe RADAR , and it does not look like a type of conservation one would want.

 One thing noticeably better is the night photography and astrophotography as they are calling it, not only it can hold up to Apple and Samsung but also can outperform them but only in this section, well before I end this blog, I have a good news for Pixel 3 owners if you were considering switching to  Pixel 4 for astrophotography, just wait because Google will make the same tech available for your phones pretty soon, and Happy Deepawali to everyone.

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