smart phones 2019

What a year 2018 was for smartphones lovers and here is the list of tech updates we will see in 2019 :

1 Folding smartphones

smart phones 2019

Folding smartphones was never a thing in 2018 but slowly and gradually we have seen many smartphone companies working on folding smartphones. Many companies have even shown their folding phone prototype but that too were also not that satisfactory.

smart phones 2019

Samsung in an recent event showed how close they had reached in developing the first ever folding smartphone. After samsung, Xaomi had also showed their dual folding smarthphone and many other brands are in the line.

But for me as of now the market is not yet ready and also do let me know what you think, is there really a need of folding phone or not?

2. 5G

smart phones 2019

5G is in hype for quite some time now. 5G or the fifth generation has been in the testing from 2018 and it aims to provide speed upto 10 Gbps.

Companies that has confirmed their 5G phone launch in India in 2019 are Nokia, Oneplus, oppo, Mi with mi mix 3 5G version, Samsung, etc

There were also rumours that the new Qualcomm snapdragon 855 processor will support 5G but in reality the chip itself doesnt means 5G connectivity. For 5G connection you need an additional chip and the new processor only supports the high speed internet.

3. Bezel less screen

smart phones 2019

A bezel in terms of smartphones is anything on the front side on the phone that isn’t screen.

Throughout 2018 each and every brand adopted the notch design and some brands even tried to find out different alternatives like the waterdrop notch, sliding screen, etc to maximize the screen to body ratio, but in 2019 we can expect a bezel less screen without any motors or a notch involved in it.

4. In display finger print scanner

smart phones 2019

The first phone that came with the in display finger print sensor was Vivo X20 plus in 2018 and since then we seen have this technology being used by many companies like oppo, Oneplus, Huawei, etc.

As a personal choice I prefer the in display sensor over normal touch sensor as it gives the smartphone a cleaner look. But the only problem with, in display finger print sensor is that it is slow. It takes around half a second to open but in comparison to old touch sensor which opens just by touching it, it makes it feel very slow and will hopefully be improved in 2019.

5. Super fast wireless charging

smart phones 2019

Fast charging really developed a lot in 2018. Many companies like Oneplus, oppo, Samsung had their fast chargers which charges the phone 50% in 30 minutes but talking of wireless chargers, there is still a lot of improvement required. Wireless charging became trending after the launch of iphone 8 and X, but still wireless charging is still not as effective as wired chargers.

Lets see what improvement we are going to see in 2019….

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