what more to expect from year 2020

2019 was a great year, we got to see a lot of new technologies being tested and put forward in market too, watching the science fiction like technologies brought up to life in the last decade has pumped me up to look forward to the breakthroughs that we will be achieving this year, so here is a list of technology will be making a way in this year, so here is what more to expect from year 2020.

Electrochromic Glass – You probably got a hint of it at the CES 2020, this feature was showcased in the OnePlus Concept One, while we caught a glimpse of its usage, the purpose of glass can be widened much further than that for example same tech can be used in back panels to make it change colours and also can be made to sync with your phone’s wallpaper, and I hope Manufacturers other than OnePlus will be diving in too, that is my first entry to what more to expect from year 2020.

Force Touch – it can be also said as pressure touch, and finally it has made its way in the smartphone industry and it will surely be a game changer in recent years, with the coming foldables and full display phones, what it does is rather just acting on just touch it also accounts for the pressure you interact with your device by placing a pressure grid below the glass of the screen, it will also eliminate the false touches your device gets and you can use it to replace physical button and still have the same feel of it, did I tell you this technology works even in water? My second entry what more to expect from year 2020 but it might take a bit long.

Increased Refresh Rate – Last year we saw the jump from 60Hz refresh rate which was labelled as normal to 90Hz display panel and few pumped it to 120Hz, basically what it means the display becomes a lot smoother you won’t see flickers during animation and also while enjoying a game or consuming video content, this year we will seeing a lot of phones at will be running on 120Hz panels and flagships will be heading towards 144Hz display, not only display rate is going up but also the touch response will be pumped to 240Hz as seen in Asus’s ROG line. This one is more plausible and will surely be happening therefore it ranks third in my what more to expect from year 2020 list.

Graphene Battery – as the race to charge the phones at even faster rate continues, and we have seen some bulky adapter to increase the power input to batteries but it is not just about how much power is given to battery instead it also depends on the capability of your battery which in case are Lithium Ion batteries, but here a good news emerging Graphene batteries, they can be charged at even faster rates without taking toll on themselves, and as seen on implemented in power banks a 5000mAh battery will just take 18 minutes to fully charge, of course there will be change in the adapter too they will be using Galium Nitrate instead of Silica as their core material making them much more efficient and compact as compared to previous adapters, my fourth entry in what more to expect from year 2020.

Foldables – last year was rough for foldable phones but they have improved over the course of year, they are more durable and versatile, not only in the smartphone sector but we saw foldable screen in laptop category Lenovo has designed a hinge mechanism that reduces the overall creasing of the screen, I feel that this year the foldables will become mainstream. Companies like Dell, Motorola, Huawei, Xiaomi and Motorola has already shown their concept phones, and Samsung even launched its first iteration of phones, so it all looks very promising and having so many companies the prices of these devices will surely come down slightly, this might be you can cut calls with a flip what more to expect from year 2020?

That was my list on what technologies that I hope will be available in next couple of months, do tell me in comments which one intrigued you the most and keep reading.

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