oneplus 7 vs redmi k20 pro

The king of flagship killer??

The most trending and hyped topic you will listen in the smartphone industry is the flagship killer device. Flagship killers are devices that offers all the features offered by a premium smartphone in a budget device.

When it comes to flagship killer the 2 names that comes to our mind are Oneplus 7 and Redmi K20 pro.

When it comes to specs both the phones share almost similar features and both the devices are truely value for money. Here is a list why one device is better than the other :

Why Oneplus 7 is better than Redmi K20 Pro :

oneplus 7
Oneplus 7
  • Design : Though Oneplus 7 has plain back but it feels more like a premium device and in hand experience is also better in Oneplus.
  • Charging : Though Redmi K20 pro supports 27W fast charging but still it comes with a 18W fast charger and Oneplus 7 comes with a 20W fast charger.
  • Speed : Though both devices comes with the same processor but Oneplus 7 offers UFS 3.0 whereas Redmi k20 pro comes with UFS 2.1 which makes Oneplus 7 a little faster than K20 pro.
  • Audio : Oneplus 7 comes with dual stereo speakers which makes voice quality much better in Oneplus.
  • Faster face unlock : Since Oneplus 7 doesnot have a pop up camera it has one of the fastest face unlock.
  • Faster finger print sensor : After introducing in-display finger print sensor in Oneplus 6t, Oneplus has tremendously improved it’s performance in Oneplus 7.
  • Oxygen OS : Oxygen OS is a thing that takes Oneplus experience to a whole new different level.
  • Camera : The photos and video clarity in oneplus are much better than Redmi and it also has optical image stabilization.

Why Redmi K20 Pro is better than Oneplus 7 :

redmi k20 pro
Redmi K20 pro
  • Price : Redmi K20 pro come at ₹27,999, which is a very big deciding factor for any buyer as it ₹ 5,000 cheaper than Oneplus 7 pro.
  • Headphone jack : Headphone jack is an endangered part of smartphones which will go extinct very soon. Almost all the premium and budget devices have started excluding it in order to increase the battery size( and also profit).
  • Larger Battery : Redmi K20 pro come with 4,000 mAh battery whereas Oneplus 7 comes with a 3700 mAh battery.
  • Design : Though Oneplus feels more premium but in terms of look wise Redmi K20 pro looks better. This decision may vary from person to person.
  • Wide angle camera : After using this device I came to know the impotance of a wide angle camera.
  • Notification LED : Not many knows but there are LED lights in the pop up camera of Redmi K20 pro whereas there is no notifcation light in Oneplus 7
  • Full screen experience : Since there is a pop up selfie camera, Redmi K20 pro offers 91.9% screen to body ratio.

Verdict :

According to me, Oneplus 7 is the clear winner if you can spend ₹5,000 more and if you want flagship features under ₹30,000 then Redmi K20 pro will be the winer.

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