samsung galaxy s11 leaks

Leak market has been flooded with news regarding Samsung’s new Galaxy S11, there are many expectations regarding its hardware, the only two original photo that was seen was those blurry ones, then based on that few people made a model of it, One thing that I can confirm is it will be running on Android 10 apart from it is all heard and might be phony, with that being said let us jump right into it what can we expect from Samsung Galaxy S11.
The manufacturers are definitely going after some unique camera cut-out shape, in this one Samsung Galaxy S11 can be seen with a rectangular cut out, which reminds me of Samsung M30s camera setup, most probably it will be like it but bigger, As the number of Confirm Camera sensors are four, the main one being an 108MP sensor paired with an Ultra Wide and a Telephoto lens that will allow you 5× Optical Zoom, yes it will also have the Time of Flight sensor as well, but they will be arranged on the cut-out is a different story.

Another big jump can be seen in the battery section, and it is a major one for the Samsung Galaxy S11 and S11+, what we could get out of leaked images of its battery it seems this time, the Samsung Galaxy S11 will be featuring a 4500 mAh battery and the second version Samsung Galaxy S11+ will be going slightly bigger featuring a 5000 mAh battery, It is also said the new Samsung Galaxy S11 can come with a screen refresh rate of 120Hz as the battery can now support it very easily.

One innovation type of thing that reached my ear is from the leak market that Samsung might be trying to put under the hood selfie camera in Samsung Galaxy S11, perhaps the Galaxy Fold has made them more open to experimenting, another of the good news on the Samsung Galaxy S11 is it will probably be running on the latest Snapdragon 865 that was unveiled just a few days ago, and they clearly stated the first device that will be bundled with this chipset or SoC will be Samsung.

Luckily we don’t have to wait too much before we will get to see the Samsung Galaxy S11 in flesh, according to new Samsung will be launching this device on February 18, 2020. One more thing to notice Samsung Galaxy S11 won’t be the only device to launch that day, it will sharing stage with the Second generation of Samsung Galaxy Fold, that uses clamshell design, that is all for this time stay glued to Mentalswamy for new updates on this and everything.

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