Samsung galaxy fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold is finally here!!!

Finally Folding smartphones are no more just a talk.

The concept behind folding smartphone is that a normal phone just flips out and becomes into a tablet like device.

Samsung released its first ever folding smartphone i.e. Samsung Galaxy Fold and everyone is going crazy about it since its first highlight at the Samsung conference.

Everyone was aware of the product but no one expecting it to be this well. Though it is Samsung’s first folding phone, but it is not the world’s first folding phone. There were some phones that were launched before this device like Flexpie, etc but they were nothing as compared to this device.

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung has really put a lot of efforts in this device and here is all about the new Samsung Galaxy Fold :

  • Screen size : This phone actually contains 2 screens. The screen size is 4 inches (when folded) and becomes 7.3 inches when unfolded.
  • Processor : Snapdragon 855
  • 12GB RAM, Storage of 512 GB, 4275mAh Battery.
  • Camera : Features a (16MP + 12MP + 12MP) triple camera in rear, (10MP + 8MP) dual camera in front and a 10MP single camera in cover( same as Samsung galaxy s10).
  • Supports reverse wireless charging
  • Price : $1980/ ₹1,40,790.

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