How to pick phones

Pick up the Phone You Need!

Smart phones, starting from introduction, helped us in cutting the clutter on our tables. They also killed off the wristwatch fashion, although it made a comeback as a sister technology.

In recent years the market flooded with the tsunami of choices, having a lot different option complicates the process. It is like one is offering just fries and other one is offering fries with ketchup in the same price. Now which will you choose the perfected fries? Or normal fries with the ketchup.

Here are few steps that come in handy every time

  • Set a price range, it look helps you in skimming the best value for money devices,without being lost.
  • List the tasks, you perform in daily, now based on that list, look out for features that compliment that activity.
  • Determine your handling style, put in simple words “How much abuse the device will go through”.

Not be over-looked

  • Battery, the device should be able to run all the given functions for half a day.
  • The processor, remember your device is only good as its processor.
  • Camera, it should be good enough to do its job.
  • Speaker volume, you sure don’t want to miss any urgent call or alarm don’t compromise on that
  • Internal memory, we all know how much we hate the insufficient memory notification
  • RAM, yes you probably know about it, the working area of processor.
  • Display, the content should be easily readable in backlit conditions
  • Additional features, IR Blaster : a handy multi remote, Dedicated SD Card : more storage to exploit.


  • Don’t just read about your device YouTube it.
  • Ask your friends if anybody in their circle have it, you might get a hands on review.
  • Always go for even numbered RAM.
  • In most cases the stock is much crisp in performance, prefer stock or near stock.

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