OnePlus first ever concept phone 🔥🔥

During CES 2020, OnePlus did it again by unveiling its first concept phone called OnePlus Concept One, not only in that event it was centre of the talk but even after it, this has certainly made my hopes go up for the next OnePlus device,  so let us see what the latest OnePlus Concept One is all about.

OnePlus’s Concept One continues the partnership with McLaren, as we have seen in previous McLaren edition phones from OnePlus they often come with something unique like the Ultra-fast charger if you remember, they are all types of cool but the Concept One is a different deal altogether, it is the first concept phone made by OnePlus, it took them roughly 18 months to get to this point.

While this Concept One does not feature any hardware updates such as Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, we can see several innovations that will probably pop up in the manufacturing process real soon, for the first time I saw a phone that looks just like the car it inspired from and also uses same technology as it, the car I am talking about is McLaren 720S, the Phone features McLaren’s signature Papaya Orange leather on the backside of phone with a strip of glass running in the middle.

One thing that I like the most about the One Plus Concept One is it features electro-chromic glass on the rear camera section, what it means the camera stays hidden up until you launch the camera app, not only in aesthetics it also doubles as a Natural Density Filter for the phone sensor, while in Pro-mode in camera you can enable this functionality with a single touch.

Second promising piece of tech that caught my eye in OnePlus Concept One was its gold finish, it was not made by dipping it but another unusual process known as Physical Vapour Deposition, which firstly turns the material into vapour then allowing it to settle on as a cover or finish, this method is much more efficient than any current methods known, also this opens opportunity to some really interesting finishes.

That is all for today, do share your thoughts about this OnePlus Concept One in comments below, keep reading,

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