oneplus 7t pro mclaren

Oneplus 7T Pro Mclaren edition quick review

So OnePlus is back with the pro version of its latest OnePlus 7T. This time 2 editions of OnePlus 7T pro has been released i.e. The classic OnePlus 7T pro and OnePlus 7T pro McLaren version.

Though the new OnePlus 7T pro is a high end flagship phone with top specs but still there is not really a lot of new in this as compared to OnePlus 7 Pro.

Here is what’s new in OnePlus 7T pro :

oneplus 7t pro
  1. OnePlus 7T pro comes with the all new snapdragon 855+
  2. Camera : Now the laser auto focus which is located outside the camera unit, which was inside the camera earlier. This helps in a faster auto focus.
  3. Battery in OnePlus 7T pro is 4085 mAh as compared to 4000 mAh in previous version.
  4. The device comes with the all new 30T warp charger that can full charge your phone in less than an hour.

RAM and Storage :

  • There is only one variant available in the OnePlus 7T pro i.e 8GB RAM + 256 GB storage
  • The New in McLaren edition obviously looks more flashy and is available in 12 GB RAM + 256 GB storage.

Price :

The classicc OnePlus 7T pro comes at ₹ 53,999 and is available at ₹ 50,999 at OnePlus website, whereas the McLaren version comes at ₹ 59,999 and is available at ₹ 55,999 at OnePlus website

REVIEW(Opinion) :

In a nutshell, the Oneplus 7T pro and Oneplus 7T pro Mclaren edition both are magnificent devices, but they are no different with the OnePlus 7 Pro or even with the OnePlus 7T. There is no logic in paying 10-15k extra just for curved screen and pop up.

I honestly think Oneplus 7T pro is not at all a major upgrade and Oneplus 7T is a far better and smart decision to go for and if Oneplus, then you also go for ASUS ROG phone 2.

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