OnePlus 7t vs asus rog phone 2

When two phones with similar specification come into market it is natural for them to be squared off against each other, that too is the case with the OnePlus 7T and Asus ROG Phone II, so let us see which one of them offers more value for money in this OnePlus 7T vs. Asus ROG Phone II faceoff.

OnePlus has established itself as a brand that offers a complete package of both amazing software and premium hardware, since the beginning they brought change in the flagship section making it a lot more affordable, from launching just two phones a year they have made ripples this time with launch a total of four phones.

Asus on the other hand went  unnoticed for in the market but in recent years they have broken through that barrier with its Zenfone series, they are often seen experimenting and trying to create something unique we also have seen this in their ROG series of phones

Deciding between devices is already very tough it reaches a new height when both phones offer identical specifications , thus to help you more I have come up with four factors that I hope will help you decide in this OnePlus 7T vs. Asus ROG Phone II situation.

Audio  –

Audio is a big deal when it comes to gaming and consuming media, whether it is music, dialogues or even gun shots you always want sound to be crisp and clear. Good thing is both of these phones are equipped with stereo speakers so you will balanced sound, but I will give props to Asus for its loud front firing speakers and not only that they still have retained the 3.5mm jack, so one point for Asus in OnePlus 7T vs. Asus ROG Phone II battle.

Display –

Both of these devices come with same resolution AMOLED screen with almost identical screen size, difference that I see is Asus’s screen refresh rate can be set as high as 120Hz and touch refresh rate is 240Hz which highest seen till date,  long story short the display will be smooth and so will be the touch, another win for ROG Phone in OnePlus 7T vs. Asus ROG Phone II showdown.

Battery –

While we are comparing OnePlus 7T vs. Asus ROG Phone II, we have often seen bigger battery is always preferred, but let me tell you it is not just battery that needs to be bigger but how well the device optimises the juice is also very crucial, yes it is true the 6000mAh will last for 2 days easily under casual usage, but OnePlus 7T does a better job in term of efficiency it can go for approximately one and a half day with full charge, also you get faster charging with this, so one point to OnePlus 7T.

Camera –

Another key feature that comes real handy and is a must have “A decent Camera”, while both phones have similar main sensor real difference is seen with the secondary camera,  OnePlus offers a triple camera setup and Asus has a dual camera setup on the rear, So when we did camera faceoff in OnePlus 7T vs. Asus ROG Phone II we found out, Asus does take good photos and videos but colour production and Dynamic Range is a bit better in OnePlus, though in front camera we got reverse results, Still I think utility wise and quality wise this round goes to OnePlus 7T.

Miscellaneous –

There are few more things that caught my eye, Asus ROG features a big vapour chamber for heat dissipation meaning it has better cooling, Also Haptic feedback feels better than that of OnePlus 7T, the pros of OnePlus is its software support as they offer OTA updates pretty quickly and they have used rubber rings to fill up gaps in all of fittings making their phone little less susceptible to water or splash damage, whereas Asus is still on releasing update every 2 months and the so called does not have a water proof mesh which will become hazardous during rains.

Still if you can’t make a choice let me help you a bit more, if you are looking for phone which you can use as a daily driver then you should go with OnePlus 7T, in bonus you will get proper security updates which must have in digital era and a decent photos, you will have to give less time fidgeting around during editing. That concludes or faceoff OnePlus 7T vs. Asus ROG Phone II comment and tell which phones do you want us to compare next.

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