oneplus 7 pro vs samsung galaxy s10

Oneplus 7 pro VS samsung galaxy s10 : which one to buy?

The hottest topic in todays date is the latest Oneplus 7 pro and Oneplus 7. One plus 7 pro is the costliest device ever launched by Oneplus which starts at the price of ₹ 48,999 and the top model goes up to ₹ 57,999, which is makes it lie in the high end category.

Oneplus 7 is launching tomorrow i.e. on 4th June 2019. It is also be an amazing device with flagship features and at a very reasonable price and rest of the specs you can read at by clicking here.

Though Oneplus claims Oneplus 7 pro to be a real flagship killer but at this price I don’t think it can any longer carry the tag of flagship killer.

At this price point the most obvious competitor of Oneplus 7 pro is the Samsung Galaxy S10 , which is now available at price of ₹ 61,999 and if one is planning to buy Oneplus 7 pro, they just increase their budget by a little amount and go for the Samsung Galaxy S10.

But the question is : which among the 2 smartphones is better?

For me, the clear winner between the 2 flagship devices is : Oneplus 7 pro

Here are the main reasons why I personally think why Oneplus 7 pro is better than Samsung Galaxy S10.

  1. Processor : The latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, I feel is better than the Samsung Exynos 9 Octa 9820.
  2. Display : With the 90 Hz Oneplus 7 pro becomes the first smartphone with display and it also makes it buttery smooth.
  3. Screen Size : Oneplus 7 pro offers a 6.67 inch curved screen whereas Samsung Galaxy S10 has 6.1 inch display. If you are a fan of big screen then you will really the Oneplus 7 pro.
  4. Gaming : Though the processors in both the devices is very strong, with UFS 3.1, Oneplus 7 pro gaming and apps becomes extremely smooth and also it doesnot heat much as compared to Samsung Galaxy S10.
  5. Battery : The battery in Oneplus 7 pro is 4000 mAh with 30W fast charger and in Samsung Galaxy S10, it has 3400 mAh battery with fast charging support. With this huge battery backup of Oneplus 7 pro lasts more than Samsung Galaxy S10 and also charges faster than S10.
  6. Software : Oneplus Oxygen OS is also a major plus point for the Oneplus 7 pro as it gives regular updates time to time, whereas Samsung stops providing updates to regular after some time.

So here are the reasons why I think Oneplus 7 Pro is the clear winner, but with all good things there are some negatives as well, that I will discuss in the tomorrows blog.

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