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OnePlus 7 is about to launch in India on 14 May 2019 : Here is what you can expect

Oneplus has always been the company that provides the flagship features at a reasonable price and follows the trend perfectly like, introducing dual camera lens setup in Oneplus 5, then increasing screen ratio in oneplus 5t and moving the fingerprint sensor to the back of the phone, then the notch and fast charging support in Oneplus 6 and then water drop notch and in display fingerprint sensor in Oneplus 6t and then Oneplus 6t Mclaren edition that supported super fast charging.

As we have seen Oneplus regularly following the trend in their new devices, we have also seen them increasing prices everytime they launch any new product.

This time also we expect that Oneplus will follow the same trend.

What to expect from Oneplus 7?

This time as per the rumours we can expect 2 Oneplus devices to be launched this time, Oneplus 7 and 7 pro.

As per trend this time and rumours, we can get a triple rear camera set up, pop up moterised camera and with that we can get end to end to end display with no notch in Oneplus 7 pro and an upgraded version of Oneplus 6t as Oneplus 7 with minor changes.

oneplus 7

The other features

Latest snapdragon 855, in display fingerprint sensor, 30W fast charging and also wireless charging.

Lets see what Oneplus will deliver on 14 May 2019, and how people will respond to the new Oneplus 7.

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