Is a Poco X2 really that awesome??

After waiting for a total of one and a half year, we finally got to see the successor of Xiaomi’s most celebrated phone dubbed the flagship killer, yes we are taking about the amazing Xiaomi Pocophone F1 also known as POCO F1, but the POCO X2 failed to hit that same sweet spot, but why though? What did Xiaomi did wrong? Why POCO F1 was better?

I won’t say Poco X2 is not a good phone, but it can certainly cannot replace the POCO F1, because the core idea of starting the POCO series was to create phones that offered top tier hardware without burning a hole in your pocket, but following the success of POCO F1, it was decided that Poco will be made as a sub-brand like Realme is of Oppo, so we get three different parts of company focusing on three different categories Mi, Redmi and now POCO, but the recently launched POCO X2 goes against the their very own ideology.

It can be simply boiled down to the they did not understand the fan base which the POCO F1 garnered, hearing the brand name POCO was connected to a device that had a Flagship level potential and everyone was excited to see that same thing happen again, not to mention the whole rebranding drama that ensured, to me it looks like they just launched a device under name  POCO for the sake of it and did not truly invest in it at all, othervise its very hard for phones with two different sub-brands to have exactly same specifications let alone same aesthetics.

I personally believe if they had launched this device under the already designated name that was Redmi K30 it would have been more successful  and profitable for Xiaomi as a whole, I get it why it did not get the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765 it’s a new SoC and would probably take the cost to a higher level also there is no 5G connectivity in India yet, but still it offers much more processing power and battery efficiency, statistically speaking picking the later makes much more sense.

It is a good phone, but the impact is not even close to what POCO F1 had, maybe they do something to heal the damage it has done real soon, till then keep reading and tell me in the comments what have your opinion on POCO X2.

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