iphone 11

IPhones are known for their simple, sleek and classy design, it has become IPhone’s signature design but along the line repeating it so many times made it kind of boring.

But recent leaks or speculations revived the zing of Apple, the IPhones XI line-up has seen to be sporting multi camera setup, the entry version holding dual camera but the real flaunt is the three camera setup sporting unique alignment on its flagship version.

There maybe be changes in screen size too, but currently that form factor floating around is 143.9 x 71.4 x 7.8mm, little bit thick than its predecessor.

It adds up as a block but that sure is an eye candy. Holding upto Apple’s legacy.

The IPhone XI will have a notch that will be slender also the bezels all around will be slimmed down providing more screen ration.

iphone XI
Iphone XI

More features that are rumoured include:-

  1.  Something similar to Samsung’s PowerShare
  2. New power brick and charging cable that will Type-C to Lighting.
  3. Dark Theme
  4. May have in screen fingerprint scanner.
  5. A13 processor

Let us see if this can work as charm and improve the current sale of Apple.

All of the news feel promising and can be a potential game changer if the Apple nails the pricing.

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