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How interesting is the new Android 10

So, guys android 10 is finally here and we are already very much excited about it. Earlier it was known as Android Q and now it is known as Android 10. So here are some of the best features of android 10 :-

1. Gesture controls

One of the most useful update you will get with android 10, It replaces the home and back button with a single line. Now all you have to do is just swipe left or right to go back and forward respectively, which is much more convenient and also somewhat similar to ios.

2. Theming options

Another one of the major update with android 10 is that now you can customize your theme. You can select different colours for your notification icons and also different shape for your icons. Along with all these features available to you, android also offers a dark theme mode, that can be super useful and save a lot of battery in devices with AMOLED screens.

3. Bubbles

This update helps users to get small floating notifications just like facebook messenger. Notifications will above any app and you can easily access them without getting away from what you are doing.

4. Android 10 Game

Just like you have a different game for every android version, there is a puzzle game for android 10 known as the no-no gram that can be accessed by first pressing android name and then arrange 10 such that it forms a Q to unlock the game.

5. Location Settings

The latest change in the security setting is a really very vital one. Now you can grant the location access to an app (1) All the time, (2) only while using and (3) Deny. This new setting will restrict the app from using your location all the time and will use location only when you are using the app.

6. Wifi Sharing

In wifi sharing, if you do not want to share the wifi password with someone, you can now generate a QR code that the other person can use to scan and connect their device with the wifi.

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