Google Stadia, A Game Changer?

Google Stadia , there is still ongoing debate “What exactly Google is aiming for?”.

Google has been a synonym for innovation since many years, we saw google glasses, automated vehicle, google assistant,

And now Google house is ready for some more action, with the cloud gaming service “Stadia”.

What is Stadia?

Stadia plans to remove the boundaries of hardware. It is a multi device cross platform, it does not matter you are on your phone, laptop or desktop you can get same output virtually everywhere, only requirement is having Google Chrome installed on the device and your are ready to roll.

What is its potential?

As the heavy cost of hardware is removed, it will capture a wider demographic, and that means more profit for game developers, also no more waiting for exclusive releases to run a game on your device.

Google has pointed out the latency wont affect the gaming experience but I have doubts about that, lag even when offline can seriously take away the fun, and with all the heavy data transfer, risk increases exponentially.

What will you need?

You  can get rid of the cost of machine but you have to make sure, you have a good internet speed through out, as it will increase the overall data usage, you may have to upgrade your existing plan, adding a few extra bucks to monthly charges.

Unique Features

  1. Cross Platform – Take your game on any device irrespective of operating system.
  2. State Share – This feature allows you to create a specific save state at any moment and share the same.
  3. YouTube Integration – while watching any game stream, you can join that game with a single click.

Stadia Console –

Google has also planned a dedicated console for Stadia, It has dedicated Google Assistant Key and State Share Key, with help of this controller you can play seamlessly without worrying about calibrating the controls on your device while switching.

Currently Stadia is in beta testing phase, it should hit the market soon.

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