Gaming Console: Limited Options, Difficult Choice

Even though there are not much choice when it comes to picking up a gaming console but still people often have hard time choosing between one or the other, you probably have gone through a plethora of blogs that may have already told you which one is best based on specifications alone but I think judging it on basis of one property is not enough. So instead of doing a direct comparison, I thought telling you which one will suit better according to your gaming style will be much more helpful .

Xbox One X –

Still fairly new and packed with the most alluring graphic and beastly power, it supports native 4K and also does a thing called supersampling when running a game on a 1080p display which makes the details pop out even more, not only the graphics but it also helps you keeping the sweet 60fps frame rate while playing even at the 4K resolution, bonus points because it can also play your 4K Blu-ray for best movie experience. If you want to spend bit less I will suggest you to go for Xbox One S.

PlayStation 4 Pro –

This was launched as improved version of Playstation 4, and has the largest number of titles available to play, while it is not the best in anything it holds up well and gets the job done, it also up-scales the resolution but uses a different kind of approach while doing so, if you are person who keeps jumping between games then this is the pick for you, Blu-ray support is there but no 4K unlike Xbox One S in same price point, until Sony launches PlayStation 5 it will remain best recommendation to experience PS ecosystem.

Nintendo Switch –

This console is a must have if you love mobility, not only it offers a handheld mode but same can be switched to TV while the Joy-Cons turn into controllers, it does not offer heavy games but seeing its huge success in the market there are various classic games that have launched an exclusive switch version, the Joy-Cons also act as motion controllers in certain games, if you want a console just on the go they also have launched Nintendo Switch Lite which is cheaper and lighter but only restricted to handheld mode who carries a TV in a backpack anyway?

So these were my picks based on Performance, Compatibility and Mobility, as all the devices it often comes down to personal preference, so which one you choose, and how is your experience so far with any or all of them tell me in the comments.

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