Galaxy Fold Broke
Much awaited Galaxy Fold broke, but under what conditions?

Few days ago Samsung handed over Review Units to the Tech Reviewers that lead us to finally getting to know the device better.

But when I woke up yesterday my feed was flooded with only one news “My Galaxy Fold Broke”.

The sites that reported breaking of phone were The Verge, CNBC, Bloomberg and few more Individual Reviewers.

Peeled off protective film.

But in most the cases it turned out that they tried to peel off the safety film off the bendable screen, thinking it was a screen protector,

As most of the devices now days come equipped with one.

This incident makes me think do they skipped the instruction manual?

After so much drama Samsung have issued warning globally to keep the hands away from that protective film.

They also mentioned this in every mail reply wherever the breakage was reported.

Apart from that majority, these cases have some real information.

The Verge Case

We can cleary see little bumps
Verge’s Galaxy Fold
  • They used Galaxy Fold for a day reviewing it, but at the end of the day.
  • The Galaxy Fold swelled a bit on screen just above the hinge.
  • In there article they mentioned that it may be caused by the residual clay which was used to take beauty shots.
  • The clay on the hinge somehow interacted with the complex but delicate folding mechanism causing the screen to get deformed.
  • This gives us sight the harm dust particles or lint in your pocket may cause to your precious Galaxy Fold.


CNBC’s Galaxy Fold
  • In this one, the device malfunctioned on it own.
  • They tested it for two days, no issues regarding the display.
  • On the third day the screen began flickering.
  • CNBC’s Review Unit has the Protective Layer intact.

In all the cases Samsung took the broken device for inspection and gave them Replacement.

Between all this fiasco people are rethinking there decision of pre-booking the device.

Game Over for Galaxy Fold?

I don’t think so, the function of review unit is to test the device in real conditions and check for faults that arise.

Still I don’t believe that the dream project of Samsung will have issues in day to day normal usage.

If you think your Galaxy Fold will snap while folding unfolding, check this video

You all should sit comfortably, because having a issue at this scale means there will be improvement.

Hopefully when the Retail Unit comes in market, Samsung probably have the problem fixed, if any.

Still we need to be gentle with this device as we were with the first touchscreen.

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