Firevase : for flowers and fires.

Firevase : for flowers and fires!

Firevase will be a game changer in home safety.

Imagine you are sitting comfortably on your sofa, having fun with friends or enjoying a moment with special someone.

And all of a sudden, a small fire erupts.

Out of these which situation where would you like to stand?

  1. Running to find the fire extinguisher.
  2. Having a unwanted shower by preinstalled fire safety.
  3. Running to bathroom/kitchen to get a bucket of water.
  4. Or hurl the nearest flower vase onto the fire.

The last option sounds stupid isn’t it?

Indeed if you throw your normal vase, nothing will happen.

But if it is firevase then you get a different story altogether.

Samsung has made this cool new concept possible.

Developed by the company’s subsidiary Cheil Worldwide.

Initially firevase’s production was under a campaign, to promote the use home fire extinguishers in South Korea,

Following the success of campaign,

Cheil Worldwide has decided to manufacture 2,00,000 more of the vases.

Look wise, the translucent red beauty will definitely catch your eye.

It is so stylish that you will definitely prefer it having in complete view.

How it works?

The firevase is made of glass and consists of two chambers;

The outer chamber contains compressed potassium chloride,

And inner chamber is for storing flowers and water.

In event of fire when firevase is smashed.

The outer chamber breaks and releases the potassium chloride.

Which in turn inhibits the oxygen supply and as a result puts out the fire.

Looking for unique gift? this could be something worth the talk.

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