The New Year has finally began, one month in and we are seeing bunch of devices already but no other device has made me this excited, I was waiting for Samsung to launch the new line-up devices, as the Samsung said in the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 launch event, they are the first ones to launch devices that will feature the latest processor, and on bonus we finally get to see Samsung update the display as well, so let us see what the Samsung Galaxy S20 has to offer.

Processor :

Yes, the whole Samsung Galaxy S20 series will be featuring Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor at least in the U.S. as much as it is exhilarating for us, in India we won’t be getting the same, we might get Exynos 990 instead and that makes sense, as still we are years apart from 5G capabilities spending few bucks on non-existing technology is totally absurd, but if they decided to make the Snapdragon 865 version globally available then it will become first device to do so, on this we will have to wait and see.

Display :

You heard me, the Samsung has finally updated the display panels that they have been providing, Samsung have also made their way to the Fancy 120Hz of screen refresh rate and Touch response of 240Hz, still currently there are not many  apps that support it, hopefully applications and games start pushing updates to do so, on this device we are getting a 6.2 inches of Samsung’s Dynamic Super AMOLED panel with Quad HD+ screen resolution and a total pixel density of 563ppi, which makes the Samsung Galaxy S20 great for consuming content did I mention the brightness can go as high as 800 nits.

Camera :

As always Samsung did not forget about the camera, the Samsung Galaxy S20 features a triple camera sensor and a depth sensor, the primary camera being a 12MP paired with a 12MP Ultra-Wide Sensor and the main highlight a 64MP Telephoto camera, Samsung said they have increased the size of sensors that will let more light into sensors increasing the overall picture quality and the night mode capabilities, that is definite to put Samsung back at top in camera game, the S20 also features 3× Hybrid zoom and 30× Space Zoom, not to mention the 8K recording capabilities with Super Steady technology, which makes jerks and action negligible and videos much smoother, on front we get a 10MP snapper which can also record videos till  4K.

Battery :

In battery they have gone with 4000mAh battery which is good and it ships with a 27W charger so you can charge it on the go, RAM offered in Samsung Galaxy S20 is 8 GB and 12 GB with storage of 128 GB, another camera feature that caught my eye was Single Take which takes multiple photos and video shots using all the provided sensors making your job of picking whether to take picture of photo easy, you just need one click to do so which is really smart of Samsung.

Person thought :

This Samsung Galaxy S20 is my personal favourite, the form factor sits comfortably in palm weighing just around 163 grams, it is slightly bigger than previous devices but that is still comfortable enough for one handed use, the colour options available here is reminiscent of Galaxy S10, I think this changes so many things what flagships stand for and will be a success, what you think tell me in comments and keep reading.

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