Android vs ios

There has been long going debate on which operating system is better but as the time is passing the dividing line between the two seems to be diminishing.

Let us discuss both good and bad of both operating system.

Design :-

  • In early stages the Apple’s iOS used high notes on aesthetics, but in last few years the iOS too shifted from the glossy finish to basic colours, this shift was in favour of reducing the RAM usage in the interaction between application and the launcher.
  • Android  has improved a lot in visual section, on top of it there much more options avail when it comes to customisation and it is easy to do so.

RAM Management :-

  • In this case Apple is ahead, because of the selected range of product it is easier to put more hours of research to make the OS according the hardware available so it can be utilised more efficiently. Thus we get a more optimised experience.
  • Optimisation is only seen on high-end devices such as flagship phones, as optimisation is a lengthy process which also incur considerable amount of charges too, that does not fit when we are trying to cover low cost phone and we have so varied options of hardware with same software.

Security :-

  • iOS is full proof in terms of security, constant updates are rolled out, and all the data are encrypted even when it is stored in cloud.
  • Android is safe too but not as much, security updates are constant only if you are on Pixel or Stock Android otherwise it depends on the phone manufacturer, Google does not offer full encryption of data stored on device or cloud, pro tip keep the developer mode off for safer experience.

Upgradation :-

  • iOS has a smoother transition when it comes to upgrading to newer version of OS, all the devices get the updates almost simultaneously.
  • Android struggles in this section again because pool of devices, every company uses a modified OS thus when new OS is launched it goes through further processing by different manufacturers thus delaying the whole process.
  • Not all Android get updates.

User Interface :-

  • iOS feels bit tough to navigate due to one home key, if you are new you can feel lost in the settings.
  • For new users it is much more friendly as major options can be found out of the settings too, you get three keys for navigation, yes I know in Android One there is a single key but it is not haptic but gesture based so still easy.

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