android q
Android Q rolled out few days ago here are some key highlights.

Android Q Beta update rolled out on March 13, 2019 currently it is only available on counted devices in Google’s Pixel series, and it looks really promising the visual as well as the user experience seems much more improved.

The Android Q is getting into Limelight and for all right reasons, for all we know the “Q” is more secured, and all the updates till now make it seem like the android is more than ready to take the apple head-on.

Here are the features that are the buzz of the time –

1. Chat Bubbles :-

chat bubble android q

Thing you remember from the messenger, the round floating Icon that let you send messages on the go, without even bothering to open the app this works perfectly when you have some work on hand.

2. Permission Setting :-

permission setting android q

As per the reports, this one is really inventive, the permission settings in Android Q have been overhauled to be more useful and battery friendly, the new settings let you choose how the App interact with the permissions you provide, so the app only uses the resources when its actively running.

3. Renewed Visuals:-

Android Q brings a breath of fresh air, in terms of looks, It is nice to see android working on the dark mode that runs through the whole System UI, it looks really beautiful the greys and blacks compliment the look perfectly.

Also we got a sneak peak on the upcoming accent colours, there is not much to choose from right now but it looks fresh and no bulky launcher to do so.

4. Faster Sharing :-

android q faster sharing

Under the sharing hood we see better and optimised accessibility which makes sharing files easy, the new function that is unveiled is debuted “Sharing Shortcut” it quickly makes a hyperlink of the file you want to share and copies it on the clipboard, making  the multi app file sharing snappier, this is a definitive game changer.

5. Improved Camera:-

android q improved camera

This change in Android Q will definitely make all the photography enthusiasts get butterflies in stomach, the camera now renders the depth of field effects  better as a result the pictures will be a lot crisp, the bokeh effect will come out even more clean and sharp. It will help in clicking more detailed clicks.

6. Screen Recorder:-

One of the more talked and much awaited feature that is pushed in the Android Q is the inbuilt screen recording, so bye-bye extra apps, having a native support will ensure having higher quality of  in terms of  both visual and audio.

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