“I wonder how beautiful it would be. So, I dare to see what I had in me.”

It’s a shining prism
or the baby’s first scream,
That passes light to different life
Carries love affections hope
Even if someone dies,
The brightness comes when you step inside this world’s life,
Yes, you had in you “Your Brightness in you”…

It’s the light in your eyes,
A strength that always stand by your side,
Beats up the trillions of sarcastic fly,
You found it in you “Your Brightness in you”…

The support when shadow left in dark night,
Even thou, the faith took you safe home ride,
The spirit to cross the hindrance
With green light,
Making you a golden flame for other’s who are right behind,
There you find it in you “Your Brightness in you”…

You are the one whi rise with sun and shine with moon,
The brightness of the world which fragrances someone’s world,
The pillar of billions street lights,
Even if it goes off sometimes
But your story will remain till you again rise,
Yes, you had it in you “The Brightness in you”… “The brightness in you”…

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