Never Ending…

I raised you by my side
When I saw you first time in my life,
Your eyes were shining like a melting ice covered with a prism that’s fine,
Now you are staying forever in my life…

Sorry to say but I stalked you for a while,
Until I got your number in my dialling book to stay up all night,
Since then people start teasing,
When you cross my side either from left or right..
And the best highlight
Someone will always call your name from behind..

Your strange look and mesmerizing fragrance has stolen my heart beat since,
The first day when you waved your hand to say me hey “Is everything alright?”,
How to say but you know
Butterflies were dancing all over my mind..

Now, we share our secret and close the chapter of our naughtiest fights,
Clicking the pictures at boat side and get drunk all over night,
Respect and space which we give to each other makes our relationship stronger than white blood cells fighting inside,
Here goes one more rhyme
“I will hold on the days in which we hold each other’s side, closing my eyes”…

It’s a beautiful journey with endless memories.
And I wish,
I can spent most of my time leaning on your shoulder and we sing the same rhyme.
Dear my love,
I would remember you in my hard times,
Because you are the reason who make me smile…

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