i will end my social life

I Will End My Social Life…

I am will end my social life.
Since I think I had been something more,
When I used to stay silent.
I continued whirling in my own contemplations and dreams.
They were euphoria.
Also, my fantasies.
They had their own dialect:
Something that nobody could get it.
Despite everything I have some weak recollections,
When I used to close my eyes
Also, consider what I would do when I grow up.
I had never thought of crying and asking.
Did you hear asking?
Goodness! Obviously I do ask.
Rather, I used to ask:
To individuals, that they ought not to abandon me.
To give this bitterness a chance to encompass me with dim hazy cover.
I would not like to tear this dinkiness without anyone else.

I needed to have a partner.
One hand to hold my hand.
To check whether I could fly past those checkpoints:
Grave life turning occasions.
Yet, I see that I can never again be an utmost to their continuance.
I am certain to end socially.
I am sad I couldn’t get together to your desires.
About me, ready to comprehend you.
I was starting to feel the associating span,
Which I think I made up myself.
Presently when it’s broken,
I might want to take its smashed pieces
To my spirit.
What’s more, they dovetail pleasantly with my heart.
Since now, those pieces would join the removed spots:
The ones individuals would never reach.
Furthermore, that is the reason, I think I should end my social life.
Since it’s not worth living,
In any event not for individuals like me.

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