happy friendship day

Happy Friendship Day

Friendship is never about how far you live; it’s about how closer you’re from heart.

Friendship is never about capturing every damn moment ;it’s always about being busy creating memories.

Friendship is never about giving up on the other person; it’s always about making an effort to stay harder into his/her life.

Friendship is never about criticising other’s weakness; it’s about helping him/her grow stronger day by day.

Friendship is not always about demonstrating and expressing ; sometimes it’s about understanding silence so freaking loud.

Friendship is not only about sharing foolishness and musings ; sometimes it’s about discussing fears and dilemmas.

Friendship is what makes us more empathetic !
A very happy friendship day to all of you.
May everyone respect the bond they share with with their friends🎊

Friendship is a bliss💕💕💕

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