Green Motherland…

The unconditional mother love has driven us far away from the harm and gave us charm,
She showers us with her blessing and be the shield in the tragic,
She has filled all our needs keeping herself starving,
The love of “Green Motherland” is long-lasting…

Yes, We were born by one feminine but you were kept alive in the arms of green mother Maryland mine,
You were breathing in mother’s belly,
Which was
Taken care by green mother mary,
Inhaling and exhaling the fragrance of green motherland mary…

The awfulness still lives When we serve the belly from where we initiated
Harm the womb of our green mary,
Where her patience has the check meter overrated with pain and fear,
Her arms hug us tight and she screamed at night’s when we cut them holding a knife,
The unconditional love of “Green Motherland mary mine” still kept us alive…

In her honour, before she dies,
Plant some tree to balance her life,
And control the CO2 before you are high,
Define your presence make her bright,
Let her shower her love until you have your last bite,
The unconditional love of “Green Motherland” alive…

Cherish her life and respect her pride,
she was before and after you who kept this planet alive,
The unconditional love of green motherland is endless which open this world eyes,
“The Green Motherland mary mine” will remain first “feminine”…

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