When I was a baby, all I
Wanted was to grow up,
I wished for true love
Solo vacation was a farfetched dream
All wounds could heal with a spoonful of ice-cream.

With childhood memories that linger,
And won’t seem to go away
Why can’t I be happier?
That’s all a grown up me can say!

It seems for the future I am prepared,
But the thoughts of commitment
Is getting me scared

It’s time to leave childish habits now,
To slay the foe
Fight my battles,
High and low!

I’m learning to make my own choices
Moulding future with my bare hands
Learning how to step out,
Despite the shaky ground.

One condition, dear grown up version of me,
Overwhelmed by the bigger picture of
Adulthood that lies ahead,
Don’t let the magic die,
Wish upon the star and let imaginations run wild,
You will only get to be this old
Once in your life!

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