A cushion from hone reminds me of mom
All the secrets are tucked inside its foam
And I sing a song,
“Home I miss mom
Her wavy hair and crispy smile
The fragrance of her body when I was crying
But when I hug you late at night
I find her sleeping on my side
Blessing me day and night”
Home I miss mom,

A cushion from home reminds me of mom
All her secrets were tucked inside with foam
To know them I sing a song
Home I miss mom,
“She spent her doleful nights hugging you tight
She kept asking how are you? With her dark sights
She kept making delicious food
Remembering me and you waiting for us those long night”
Home I miss Mom,

A cushion from home reminds me of mom
All my secrets are now buried inside the foam
And I sing a song,
“I welcome my day eating a blizzard food
I spent my night rolling on you
All I crave for a tight hug and a long smile of my mom”
Home I miss mom,

A cushion from home always reminds me about home
Four wall secrets are still tucked inside that old golden foam
Still, I sing a song,
“Thank you, my companion, for making a home
For sharing my secrete even when you were trolled
But still, I have a question how can you be so soft?
And grateful to look after my mom, when I was gone”
Home I miss mom,
Home I miss Home…

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