thousand emotions

One Heart, One Soul, Yet a Thousand Emotions

– Chandni Kumar

Million of thoughts running through my mind
Hundred of emotions playing in my heart
Thousand different feelings all at once
Yet nothing to say because I’m numb!

Rollercoaster of life is what I ride
Tears of sorrow, I never fail to hide
Kohl smudged eyes and the eyeliner that bleeds,
Smile is the concealer that covers my deed.

I, a broken doll with a ruthless heart
Yes, I knew I was falling apart,
Hopeless friendships and shattered trust
I’d forgotten how to love!

Cuts and bruises showed it all
Slitting wrist was my last call,
The thought of dying made me realise,
Hurting myself is a waste of life

Cold heart finally melts,
Once again the love is felt
My scars were healed with the passing time,
I met a guy who was truly mine
He was the one, who freed my caged soul,
And once again my heart flew as a whole.

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