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YouTuber and Modi critic Dhruv Rathee gets banned by Facebook for 30 days

As the election dates are coming up, political parties are desperately highlighting their work during their tenure and the ruling government, BJP strikes evidently in our minds when we talk about politics. It has been consistently criticised by opposition parties for the Rafale scam, unnecessary investments made in changing the names of regions, and in the latest remark, Modi has been criticised by Congress for proclaiming himself as the ‘Chowkidar’ of India. Though it is impossible to oppress voices from the opposition, the same can be done easily to ordinary citizens.

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The example of YouTuber Dhruv Rathee’s ban from Facebook fits very well into this picture. Dhruv Rathee is a Modi critic who questions the ruling party in his videos on the basis of which he has received tonnes of followers. He says that, it is due to BJP’s sheer attempt to curb voices of dissent, is why Facebook banned him.

He tweeted about the same and said that, as elections are coming near and the BJP needs to spread its propaganda as much as possible, it is not comfortable with people pointing out its flaws. Dhruv Rathee also said that this move was necessary because his Facebook page is a tough competition against Modi’s propaganda pages on Facebook. If what he claims is really true, then it is

dangerous for the people of this country as they would be living under the illusion of a one sided discourse while the government can conveniently remain at power and exploit people’s trust only to betray them.

Dhruv Rathee was banned from the social media giant on March 18, and the first phase of elections starts on April 11. The political YouTuber has 1.7 million YouTube subscribers and over 550,000 followers on his Facebook page.

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