Fires of riot that rose in Delhi also touched upon Lucknow recently, on last Thursday huge mass of people started coming at streets at 12pm in the area known as Khadra then moving towards Partivartan Chowk where they were successfully detained by the Police using barricades. Various other location had the similar outbreaks the Riot control had to be on their toes for several hours rushing from one position to another, amidst these outbreaks several Police Stations and Outposts were vandalised and set ablaze along with more than two dozen vehicles were also turned to ashes.

Police station areas, Hazratganj, Hasanganj, Thakurganj and Wazirganj faced most violent of the protest when Police used force and Tear Gas to dissipate the population they went berserk, and burned all the vehicles in sight also started throwing rocks, bricks or whatever came handy, this result in 16 of Police men being injured, it is to be Noted following the sudden outbursts of violent protests Section 144 was already imposed all over Uttar Pradesh, District Magistrate of Lucknow Abhishek Prakash said violent crowd violated Section 144.

The Satkhanda and Madehganj Police outpost was torched along with bikes that were parked nearby, also a car was damaged, DGP O. P. Singh have said more arrests will be taking place on the basis of recognition through CCTV footage, he also said no one will be spared. Chief Minister of Lucknow Yogi Adityanath has ordered to keep vigilant eye on people who are spreading rumours, He also instructed police to take strict action against those who play with the law.

Do we really need Riots?

While the Citizenship Amendment Act also called as CAA is being defamed for being biased towards few communities, In reality it is very far from that, Muslims that are citizen of India will not be affected in any manner, neither it changes any previous features of the Constitution, it just allows minorities such as Sikh, Hindu, Jain, Parsi and Christian from the three neighbouring countries(Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afganistan) to get easy access to Indian Citizenship.

You must be wondering how such noble act is being targeted, well sadly that is how “Politics and Politician” work in this country, many leaders of the opposing party has taken an active part in pumping out false claims and twisted facts to polarise a certain ethnic group that in this case are Muslims, to believe that this CAA is evil and will take away their right to be citizen of India, In an attempt to create a Nationwide strike or protest so they can throw the Ruling party out of power.

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