venice flooded 2019

The beautiful Italian city of Venice got flooded on 17th November 2019 for third time in a week because a storm tide hit the city. Increasing global warming resulting in the rise of sea level is a cause of the flood.

The experts identified the storm tide when the height of the water during a sea surge caused by a storm crosses 1.4 metres. The rise in the sea level can flood around 50% Venice. The Global forecasting system data showed that there were regular Storms recorded close to the Italian coast from 10th November and which are fed by cyclonic circulation is over Continental Europe.

The cause of the flood is not only the storm tide, but are human-caused and are related to development and global warming as well. The Storms are very frequent in making the sea level rise because of the global warming the city is drowning because of the construction activities and the fresh water pumping from groundwater.

When the sea water is vertically post from Adriatic sea into Venetian Lagoon due to strong winds during storm. Such a high water event is known as an Aqua Alta.

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