The dispute between Delhi Police and lawyers since Saturday increased considerably on Monday and Tuesday. Since Tuesday morning, policemen gathered in front of police headquarters and started demonstrations. However, after nearly 11 hours of peaceful demonstrations, Delhi Police personnel called off their protest demonstration. Let’s know what is this dispute and whose fault it all started.

Dispute started on Saturday

The dispute started on Saturday November 2, 2019 from Tis Hazari Court in Delhi. Some Delhi Police personnel were giving their duty in the court. During the trial of the convicts, a lawyer parked his vehicle near police car. After this, the police started convincing them to remove it and park their vehicle somewhere else. Gradually the matter grew. Policemen and lawyers got entangled there and after that both sides became furious. Policemen were accused of gunning down a lawyer in a lockup. The other policeman is accused of shooting. However, the police say that in view of the raging crowd, the bullet has been fired for defence.

The strike started from Monday

After this dispute, all the lawyers of Delhi went on strike from Monday. While work was disrupted due to the strike at Rouse Avenue and Patiala House, the strike was widespread in Delhi’s High Court, Tis Hazari, Karkardooma and Saket courts. All work stopped. By raising slogans against the police, the lawyers demanded action against the convicted policemen.

Controversy increased on Tuesday

Today, a new twist in the dispute came when the police took the matter to the road. A large number of policemen began to gather in front of Delhi Police Headquarters since morning, after which several thousands of policemen gathered and started raising slogans. All the police began demanding the removal of Commissioner Amulya Patnaik. High officials who came to convince these people were disappointed. The policemen were adamant on fulfillment of their demands.

What were the demands of police personnel

Policemen demand that police protection of judges of all levels be withdrawn. Along with this, all the lawyers involved in the violence were criminally prosecuted. The complaint should be immediately filed on the complaint made by all the police officers affected by the violence. With this, complete police protection should be removed from the courts. The entry of lawyers and their staff in all police stations and police offices in Delhi should be closed. Police Protection Act should be applicable for police officers and policemen. Apart from this, the organization should be restored for Delhi Police officers and employees and no police personnel should support the government of Delhi.

Good news in late evening

Shortly after dawn, Delhi Police personnel announced to end the protest in response to their demands. After this, the jam was opened from there, which was caused due to protests. People breathed a sigh of relief as soon as the jam opened. The policemen said that our demands have been accepted, we are now ending the picket.

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