From now on, the incoming call on all mobile phones will ring for minimum of 30 seconds, on the landline phone this limit will be one minute. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) issued an order on Friday saying that all telecom companies will have to follow this rule.

TRAI, while improving the service quality rules for basic telephone service and mobile telephone service, said that if the incoming call is not cut or picked up, the call will be for 30 seconds on the mobile phone and 60 seconds on the basic telephone. Companies will have to start following this rule in the next 15 days.

These companies had reduced the time

Till now, there was no time limit for the duration of call ringing in India. Reliance Jio first changed the duration of the ring. Now Airtel and Vodafone have also reduced the outgoing call time to 25 seconds to give a tough competition to Jio. At the same time, the standard ring time of these companies is 30 seconds. The duration of this ring is 15 to 20 seconds at the global level.

These days call ring duration issue is main matter of interconnect usage charges (IUC) spat between other companies and Jio. Jio had shortened the call ringing time to manipulate the IUC regime. Ring time was reduced as it meant more missed calls, and therefore greater return calls to the Jio network, enabling the Jio cut its net interconnect payouts to the incumbents.

Meeting was held in September regarding outgoing call

On September 6, a meeting of the country’s major telecom companies was held regarding ring time. In this meeting, Airtel, BSNL, Vodafone and MTNL had agreed to the minimum time limit of 30 seconds for the outgoing call. At the same time, companies had said that this would greatly benefit both the telecom company and the consumer.

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