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In 2018, the operation that lasted for 1 week, the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) with the help of Defense Research & Development Establishment busted a laboratory in Indore and seized 9Kg of a deadly synthetic opioid chemical named fentanyl that can kill more 45-50 lakh people in a single chemical attack.

The laboratory was run by a Ph.D. degree holder chemist named Mohammed Sadiq. This kind of deadly synthetic opioid, fentanyl seizure whose market value is 110 crore INR, has raised the security concern because this chemical can kill lakhs of innocent people silently.

Let’s talk about the severity of this chemical. It is 100 times more powerful than morphine and 50 times more powerful than heroin. Opioid name is given to those chemicals which are made from Opium. Fentanyl is so powerful that only 2mg of fentanyl can kill a healthy human being. What’s more interesting for our authorities is that in India there is no market for fentanyl or the drugs made out of it. The market of fentanyl is mostly in America where the drugs named like China girl, China town, Apache drug are made from fentanyl. According to DRDE, this quantity of drug and can easily kill 45-50 lakh, people, if used in chemical attacks and countries like America, Russia and China have successfully tested fentanyl as a chemical weapon. In 2014, the United States Environmental Protection Agency issued the guidelines for their citizens because they were worried that terrorist can use Fentanyl as a chemical weapon on American soil.

Now let’s talk about this person and why our media tried to hide its identity from all of us. As we all know from the terrorist name that he belongs to the world’s most peaceful religion. So, Sadiq is a Ph.D. degree holder and is running his laboratory in Indore from past few years. Times of India didn’t disclose the terrorist name but instead wrote: “US hating Scientist”. Now, why Times of India wrote as US hating scientist and not Sadiq, because from his laboratory police also recovered radical Islamic material which is being used by LET, ISIS or Taliban to radicalize youth in Islam. Recovering such material means that he is also a Jihadi and when he was caught, in order to save himself he said that he was preparing this to carry out attacks in America and not in India. Now we know, why our newspapers and agencies didn’t disclose his name or his Jihadi ideology. Now just imagine, if instead of Sadiq if his name would have been Sunil or any other Hindu name, they would have given this news a prime time and front page news in all the newspapers all over India. Now our agencies are trying to crackdown its network because the market value of the fentanyl is 110 crores it means that there are people from whom he was receiving the funding, who are all the people working with him and from whom he was taking the orders or how he get hold of the chemicals used to create fentanyl.

Doomsday chemical’ seized, ‘US-hating’ scholar arrested.

Please click on the link above to read the actual article published by TOI.

Courtsery: The Liberal Hindu.

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