onion prise rise

The price of onion in India are leaving customers, retailers and wholesalers eyes teary as the price of onion are getting very high day by day. In many different regions of India the conditions are very stressed.

The price of onion is crossing the limits as the seller’s are selling onions at ₹120 to ₹130 per kg and at many regions the price is ₹150 per kg, with such hike in price of onion even the sellers are not gaining anything. As price range of onion is at a peak many sellers have stopped selling onions.

Reason for the Hike…

The reason for onion price rising is excessive rain in the onion producing States which led to a shortfall in its supply, due to the shortage of onion crop the price has reached ₹100. The production of onion has gone down by 50% in 2019.

The farmers are not able to gain appropriate price as the quality of is poor.

The central government has requested the state government to crackdown on traders holding onion, create buffer stock and distribute imported edible bulb at a reasonable rate and onion exports are already banned by the centre.

While on wednesday in Lok Sabha during the discussion on onion price hike finance minister Nirmala sitharaman said that “I belong to a family that doesn’t eat much onion and garlic. I come from a family which doesn’t have much to do with onions“. She also talked about the steps taken by the government regarding the price of onion.

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