citizenship Amendment Bill

The CAB which is driving India crazy

The citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 amends the citizenship act 1955. Through this act the non-muslim illegal immigrants i.e. Hindu, Sikhs, Buddhist, Christian, Jains, and Parsi communities from Afghanistan Bangladesh and Pakistan will get the citizenship of India.

The CAB was passed by the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday, 125 lawmakers voted in favour of bill and 199 against it. The president has also given his assent to the bill.The CAB was passed in Lok Sabha on Monday with majority of 3 11 votes against 80.

The citizenship Amendment Bill will grant the citizenship to the non-muslims from three neighbouring countries who arrived in India before December 31st 2014.

As per the CAB any illegal immigrant from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan has to prove their religion identity as per the stated communities to get the citizenship even if they don’t have any documents to prove their residency any illegal immigrants who don’t belong to the state communities will not be deported or imprisoned if are not having valid documents to prove their Residency in India.

The bill is being criticized by the opposition parties. The opposition said that they may challenge the bill in the supreme court.

What is the problem with this bill?

citizenship amendment bill

The bill is being criticised as it is biased because it specifically is targeting the Muslims and which violates the article 14 of the constitution which states the right to equality.The people in Assam, Northeast and many other regions are protesting against the citizenship amendment Bill.

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