Tears flow as nation bids farewell to Sushma Swaraj

Swaraj belonged to a generation of leaders, for her politics and personal life were separate.

She was BJP’s 1st woman Chief Minister, but her role as Foreign Minister made the most acclaimed impact in India and the world in last few years.
For Indians abroad, she was seen as a Ministering Angel who made the foreign ministry accessible to all even in most complicated situations.
Her responsiveness on Twitter to Indians won hearts of people.
This is the best tweet I found,
“Even if u r stuck in mars Indian embassy will help you there too”..
Who now will bring us back to India if we are stuck in Mars.😭

Soo here’s her Career Highlights :

1970 – Student Leader ABVP.
1977 – India’s youngest Cabinet Minister at the age of 25.
1979 – BJP’s State President (Haryana).
1984 – All India Secretary of BJP.
1990 – Elected as a member of Rajya Sabha.
1998 – Information and Broadcasting Minister, Chief Minister of Delhi( October-December 1998).
2000 – Re-elected as a Rajya Sabha member.
2003 – Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs.
2009 – 1st woman Leader of Opposition.
2014 – External Affairs Minister
(Second woman after Indira Gandhi).
2018 – Swaraj’s Twitter follower count crossed the 11 million, making her most followed woman leader in the world.

The world will always remember her and her remarkable journey in Indian Politics.

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