A little puppy named Narwhal was rescued by Mac’s mission in Jackson, Missouri. Narwhal is very special pup and is taking everyone’s heart on the Internet, this adorable pup has a uniqueness that is he has a small tail on his head. This puppy is viral on the internet as people are loving him and calling him unicorn puppy. The puppy is around 10 weeks old found in Missouri by Mac’s mission which is a charity organisation who take special care of Dogs.

The rescuers who took the dog to vet clinic says that the second tail doesn’t wag and has no other used as tail does not have bones inside. The dogs x-ray was done to examine to see what’s the Case, well beside a foot injury everything was fine.

This little pup is named “Narwhal the little magical furry Unicorn”. This dog is not available for the adoption as the rescuers want to make sure that the tail doesn’t bother him and give him special care.

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