Historic Day to mitigate the pain of citizens, Finally Jammu & Kashmir, India 🇮🇳🇮🇳 is as secular as other parts of the nation and will work for the Integrity of the Nation

  1. Abolishment of Article 370 (except 1 clause) & 35A
  2. J&K(no more state) will be separate union territory with legislation and Ladakh will be separate union territory without legislation
  3. Women will share equal rights
  4. Dual Citizenship will be abolished
  5. No more special status to the state
  6. J&K will have only one flag ie. National Flag (abolishment of state flag)
  7. People from J&K enrolled in Anti National activities or supporting them or the one who tries to hamper National Integrity will be sent behind bars
  8. J&K will have the same constitution as the Constitution of India i.e. no more special rights
  9. People from different part of the country will have equal access to the J&K and Ladakh
  10. Article 356 will be imposed within the region

Ideally, this should help develop by getting more business and employment in and eradicating terrorism. I hope this finally brings peace and progress to the Kashmir valley & expect that people from J&K will ascertain peace in upcoming days for this new resolution and amendment 🇮🇳🇮🇳

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