Is The Hijab A Choice?

HIJAB, the piece of cloth that Muslim women use to wear around their face to cover their hair and face when they are in public. After the recent Islamic terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka, it has become a major topic of discussion among the people and especially the secular liberals. IS THE HIJAB A CHOICE or NOT?

Many people give their opinion about this nowadays. Some people who want to shine with tolerance but have never open an Islamic book like the Quran or the hadiths, while the others are the followers of the religion of peace and think that just because their parents didn’t beat them into wearing the Hijab, so it is somehow their choice and they say “Yes” Hijab is my choice. Well, that’s not how it works. The question here is that “Is the hijab a choice or not”? It’s a bit tricky. According to me the questions should rather be “Does Islam require the Hijab, or not?”

Let’s take an example of a moderate Muslim girl living in the west whose parents always told her that she should be wearing the hijab and she should definitely do it because that’s the only thing that is best for her and not wearing the hijab is bad and evil. When she reaches the age of 18, this girl listens to her parents and starts wearing the hijab. Now when people ask her if it was her choice or not, off course she would say it was my choice and my parents didn’t force me into doing this. Well, that’s great, but that’s also heavily misleading. It doesn’t really matter whether your family forces you into doing it or not, what matters here is that she is wearing the hijab because Islam orders it. That is what matters. Islam says that you have to wear the veil, it is not the choice. That’s why we say that the hijab is compulsory. What’s written in the Quran is compulsory, here are the verses from the Quran regarding the compulsion. 1) Quran verse 24:51. 2) Quran verse 33:36.

Now let’s talk about the Hijab in the Quran. Here is the verse for the hijab in the Quran: verse 24:31.

The Islamic scholars have consensus that the veil word used in this verse refers to hijab which women use to cover their head. So telling it that Hijab is my choice is out of the question. This is an order in the Quran and as said that any order in the Quran is the requirement and it is compulsory. Here are some more pro-women feminist verses from Quran: verse 33:59.

Now Let’s talk about the authentic narration about the story behind the hijab. Umar the second Caliph and the close friend of Mohammed. Umar warned Mohammed multiple times to order women to wear the Hijab but Mohammed ignored him before the Hijab rule came. But when one night, when Sauda bint Zam, Mohammed’s wife went to answer the natures call and she was a tall lady. Umar addressed her and said, “I have recognized you, O Sauda.” Then, Mohammed coincidentally revealed the verses of “Al-Hijab” that women should cover themselves completely except their eyes and hands. It is one of the many incidents when Mohammed who is God took inspiration from Umar who was merely a human.

Conclusion: Every Muslim woman has to cover up the same way that every Muslim have to stay away from pork, alcohol, gambling, prostitution, adultery, homosexuality, etc. Everywhere in the Islamic community uncovered women are seen as immoral and are even called as whores. The Hijab is a part of Islam since Mohammed and has come until 2019 as an integral part of the religion of peace. It is one of the most important elements and connection between Islam and women. It also shows that Islam is a very feminist religion. Thus, Hijab is compulsory in Islam and is not a choice.

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